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  Black, Asian Women with College Degree Outearn White Women
WASHINGTON ó Black and Asian women with bachelor's degrees earn slightly more than similarly educated white women, and white men with four-year degrees make more than anyone else.

A white woman with a bachelor's degree typically earned nearly $37,800 in 2003, compared with $41,100 for a college-educated black woman and nearly $43,700 for a college-educated Asian woman, according to data being released today by the Census Bureau. Hispanic women took home slightly less, at $37,600 a year.
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  Judge to Hispanic Mom: Learn English or Lose Child
A Hispanic woman who was ordered by a Tennessee judge to learn English within six months or permanently lose custody of her child is fighting the order with the help of one of the nationís oldest civil rights organizations. The Southern Poverty Law Center has stepped in to help the woman by representing her for free.

"The judge's requirement that a mother learn a new language within a few months or risk permanent parental termination is a gross violation of the Tennessee and federal constitutions," said Rhonda Brownstein, the Centerís legal director, said in a press statement about the case.

"As a group, immigrants are certainly at a big disadvantage when it comes to court orders regarding custody than a person who has lived and worked in Lebanon, Tennessee, their whole life," added Jerry Gonzalez, who is serving as the womanís lawyer.

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Report Calls for Punishing Peacekeepers in Sex Abuse
March 24 - A report on sexual abuse by peacekeepers recommended Thursday that offending soldiers and their commanders be punished by their home countries, that payments made to them be recovered and put into a fund for victims and that the United Nations make compliance with these measures a condition for taking part in its missions.

Secretary General Kofi Annan commissioned the report from Prince Zeid Raad al Hussein, Jordan's ambassador to the United Nations, after evidence emerged that blue helmeted peacekeepers and civilian staff members had had sex with women and girls in Congo in exchange for food and money, and, in some cases, had committed rape. The report also recommended that the United Nations make counseling and medical care available to victims and provide assistance for "peacekeeper babies" left behind when the troops rotate back to their own countries.
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